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Colloidal Silver Throat Spray


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17 October 2013

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"Wellness Colloidal Silver(tm) spray is produced using a unique electrical process that creates homogeneity, minute particle size and stability of the silver particles. It contains the optimal concentration of silver suggested by researchers."

The objectives of this work were to characterize the emissions of airborne particles from consumer products that claim to contain silver nanoparticles or ions, determine the relationship between emissions and the products’ liquid characteristics, and assess the potential for inhalation exposure to silver during product use. Three products were investigated: an antiodor spray for hunters, a surface disinfectant, and a throat spray. Products emitted 0.24–56 ng of silver in aerosols per spray action. The plurality of silver was found in aerosols 1–2.5 μm in diameter for two products. Both the products’ liquid characteristics and the bottles’ spray mechanisms played roles in determining the size distribution of total aerosols, and the size of silver-containing aerosols emitted by the products was largely independent of the silver size distributions in the liquid phase. Silver was associated with chlorine in most samples. Results demonstrate that the normal use of silver-containing spray products carries the potential for inhalation of silver-containing aerosols. Exposure modeling suggests that up to 70 ng of silver may deposit in the respiratory tract during product use. Quadros & Marr (2011)



30 ppm

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