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Car air purifier King


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26 May 2009


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Features: 1. Advanced high technology: Self research and developed Nano TiO2 with more than ten years hard work of a doctor who had ever studied in Japan. 2. Smart control, quick and convenient 3. Timing Ozone Detoxification, safe and reliable. 4. Security warning: Double safe setting 5. Seven-purify system 6. Quickly and thoroughly clear the odor and decompose the harmful substance, no second contamination.

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Nano TiO2 Air Purifiers

Company: Kind Home Ind. Co. Ltd.

Category: Appliances > Heating, Cooling and Air
Category: Health and Fitness > Filtration

Origin: Taiwan

Nanomaterial: Titanium dioxide

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)