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Nanotech Project

Atomic Snow® Izor Skis


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1 January 2007


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“Imagine a technology with the potential to increase life expectancy by twenty years, reduce the world's dependence on oil, make computers run one billion times more efficiently and unlock every skier's potential to be better. We're talking about Nano-technology, the science of manipulating materials at the atomic and molecular level - about 1/80,000th the diameter of a human hair. Similar in importance to Information Technology over the last 50 years, Nanotechnology promises to be the next growth inno-vation. While it holds huge promise in biomed, computer and energy arenas, Nanotechnology's rapid emergence includes its use in many consumer products. Examples include stain and wrinkle-resistant khakis whos individual fibers are treated at the molecular level, UVA and UVB-protective cosmetics that use tiny titanium-oxide particles to offer a new level of invisible sun protection and Wilson tennis racquets which utilize a new form of carbon fiber matrix to offer incredibly light weight with tremendous power. Merrill Lynch has even started a Nanotech Stock Index, but that's another story. Aimed squarely at the heart of the huge intermediate all-mountain market, Nanoframe technology isn't built for professional athletes with amazing skills and world-class fitness levels. It's built for skiers who have have the most to gain from a product that's significantly lighter, and handles with greater ease. In ordinary skis, tiny voids exist between individual carbon fibers, creating stress points which weaken the ski and require more material to overcome. Atomic's proprietary Nanotech process injects nanoscopic silicon oxide crystals into these voids. The result is a super-slim platform that offers a ridiculously low swing weight, easy turning and the power and durability of much more sub-stantial skis. Paired with a closed tip, open tail perimeter frame design, the torsion and flexion of the tip and tail can be dialed in independently of each other for supple flex, high stability and reliable edge grip. You can't see Nanotechnology, but when you ski the Izor line with Nanoframe you'll understand the next big thing in skiing is small.”

"The Atomic Izor is comprised of nano-enhanced materials which can be up to 50 times stronger and lighter than steel."




Power density as high as 4000 W/kg and over 5000 W/litre

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